Being a new parent seems like a daunting undertaking. Being a single parent, even more so. It definitely has it's challenges but is also very rewarding. No matter what age you find yourself becoming a parent, we all face the same fears, ask the same questions and struggle with the same worries. But it is possible to do it all, enjoy life and still take care of yourself. It's a learning process...truth be told, I just wing it ;).

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The Experiment

A few girlfriends and I were chatting the other day about how men have a tendency to drag relationships on for years without marrying the woman they are with and once the relationship is over they marry the next woman they meet in 6 months!!! What’s up with that?


People give this platform a lot of unnecessary meaning. True, a picture is worth a 1000 words but in this day and age a picture isn’t always what it seems or even a collection of pictures doesn’t explain the whole story even if it explains any part of it all.