My name is Christiana and I am the creator of August-5th which was inspired by my son. By trade I am Software Engineer turned Software Development Project Manager. However, I have a passion for music, art, and fashion. For me, August 5th is representative of perseverance, change, and new beginnings. August-5th.com is a place where I hope to encourage other mothers to be hard working, successful, bad ass moms regardless of what challenges life throws your way.

I just turned 24 years old when I learned I was carrying my first child. What was supposed to be a time of joy for most soon-to-be mothers was immediately overcome by fear and worry, because it became clear that I was going to be in this on my own. But I didn’t worry for long. I was an MBA grad student and about half way through my program. I pulled my shit together and continued to work, go to school, and prepare for his arrival. I finished up my last class over the summer and on the last day I went to work, took a final exam, and then headed to the hospital where I had my son several hours later. I never had more motivation in life to do anything more than I did once I had my son. I immediately went back to school for a second Masters in M.I.S and focused on my family and career in IT eventually landing a role with an AERO space firm where we provide direct contract support work for NASA. Today my son is almost 9 years old! He is turning out to be a very bright and fun loving young man. I haven’t exactly achieved all that I would like and it definitely hasn’t been easy but I think I have done more than needed, more than imagined, and more than expected. Anything else at this point is just extra! 🙂