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My father has always been big on education and making sure that my sister and I are as independent as possible. I have three brothers of whom I kinda sorta but not quite grew up in the middle of. They cut grass so did I, they would weed the lawn, so did I. I did everything my brothers did! My father made NO EXCEPTION! My dad changed a battery on the car we all stood and watched/helped, he changed a tire we all watched/helped, we moved…we all packed, we all lifted, we all stayed up all night. There were no exceptions just because I’m a female.

So it shouldn’t be a surprise that I moved out when I started college at 16 and I’ve been on my own since! It’s a blessing and a curse because I have this “I don’t need anybody for shit” mentality so I could be dying 😆 and still wouldn’t ask for help unless my son is affected then I’ll make an exception if there’s no other way. But I’m glad that no matter how hard things get I always find a way to handle what I need.

My father always stressed the importance of getting a good education and for that I do thank him. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think everyone needs a 4 year degree to be well educated…there are so many others ways whether it’s learning to be a good makeup or lash artist, stylist, or whatever it is you are good at just be sure that you have something! My father used to say “Your education and career will not just get up one day and decide to leave you”…I rephrased it myself to say “Your education and career will not just get up one day and decide to leave you or play you for a fool”. In other words, if you can handle your own shit you’ll never have to worry about being dependent upon someone who may decide you’re no longer worth their time nor will you feel compelled to stay where you’re not appreciated because you need them.

I decided to write about this because even after 8 years in school and 3 degrees I’m studying for another professional certification. While studying I remembered what my father once said to me and realized he is right! So ladies I say to you, whatever you have chosen your career path to be always make sure that you are constantly seeking to be better at what you do. It will be to your benefit in the long run 🙂


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