Toronto, Canada

How going with the guys to watch Daniel Cormier at the UFC fight in Toronto turned into a Girls weekend trip!

Don’t know if I should refer to it as a tradition but I’ll call it that… 🙂 My friend Krystal (whom I have known since 6th grade) and her fiance Mike have made it a tradition to support Daniel by going to each of his fights. Daniel is from Louisiana and has many family and friends there. So if you make it to the fight he always treats his family, friends, and close supporters to tickets and a lovely dinner. Earlier this year we went to the fight in Vegas in July! It was such a great time I decided to go again to watch the fight in Toronto. Unfortunately, Daniel was injured and the guys decided not to go. So the girls (Krystal & Ashley) and I decided to keep our tickets and explore Toronto for the weekend. It’s hard keeping in touch so this was a good way for all of us to bond all over again.

Casa Loma

Toronto is one of the most popular cities in Canada and is the capital of Ontario. It is also home to the Toronto Raptors. They actually played the Houston Rockets this weekend but I did not attend the game.

Krystal, Christiana, and Ashley

I met Ashley in the third grade at Prairie Elementary and Krystal in the 6th grade at Lafayette Middle School. I have known these ladies forever! Distance makes it tough but we definitely try to stay in touch.

Downtown Toronto

For anyone who has never left the United States and is considering a trip to Toronto, fear not. It will feel like you’ve never left… well not exactly, but close enough. The town of Toronto has a major European vibe. Especially, in certain areas. Now I have never been to Europe but there is a certain vibe you get when you read about places like France, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, and Germany…obviously with pictures. When I arrived in Toronto that was just how I felt. Like I landed somewhere in from a story book about Europe 🙂

Victoria Secret Coat

What did I pack? Well, I went in December so as you can imagine it was cold! I packed tons of thermals, sweaters, and leggings to wear under my jeans. In addition, I brought two pairs of gloves, thick socks, and snow boots! We planned on visiting Niagra Falls and going skiing but the time just did not permit. If you have dry skin please bring lotion..Nivea Q10 worked great for me. You’ll also need a good chapstick and I will always recommend Carmex!

La tour CN Tower
CN Tour – Glass Floor 1800′

For our girls trip a rental car was not necessary. We used taxi’s, Uber, and even road the subway!

Toronto is also known for having the tallest free-standing structure in the Western Hemisphere…the CN Tour. I definitely recommended touring the CN tour and getting this wonderful tour of the city while experiencing walking across the glass floor! It’s scary and exciting. I am daredevil by nature so I am actually attracted to things that scare me! We also had the opportunity to visit Casa Loma, the Aquarium, and a few clubs downtown. I will definitely visit Toronto again to explore the night life in the summer and skiing in the winter!

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