Sea World

One week until 4th of July weekend and I still had not planned anything. I was going to be off and home for about five days so it only made sense that I spend some of it somewhere other than home!

The Emily Morgan Hotel
Leaving Houston
Kays (Case) and I

I looked all over the web hunting for good deals but couldn’t find any! My better sense just could not let me spend almost 4 x the price on plane tickets and hotels just because it’s the 4th. Everyone knows that you have to book these holiday trips well in advance. Even with a 60 – 90 day ticket purchase and hotel reservation you’re still looking at paying about double the price you would on a regular weekend. So I decided we would drive, but to where? Destin, FL was an option but I didn’t want to spend two of my five days off on the road to-and-fro. So out of all the places that were within a four hour driving radius I decided on San Antonio. It was perfect… a 3 hour drive and the Emily Morgan hotel was decently priced. I decided to take Kays to Sea World San Antonio. He had only been once before on his first birthday :)…don’t ask me why.

It worked out perfect! Kays is only 8 and this was what he considered his first big trip of the summer. Between the cost of tickets, gas, parking and hotel it cost less thanΒ $500.

On our first day in San Antonio, we went to visit The Alamo, Mirror Maze, enjoyed frozen yogurt at a place I forget, took a stroll and had dinner downtown.

On our second day we spent the entire day Sea World and Sea World Aquatica.

This ride was completely insane. I have a video posted on YouTube. The thing about this ride is that I always tell my son to be fearless! He wanted to go and deep down I didn’t. I almost bitched up… but then I thought what kind of a mother would I be if I tell my son to be fearless and then talk him out of going on this ride because I am scared? So we went and even though I almost had a heart attack I would do it all over again with him πŸ™‚

Trying to find a Snap Chat filter

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