The Experiment

A few girlfriends and I were chatting the other day about how men have a tendency to drag relationships on for years without marrying the woman they are with and once the relationship is over they marry the next woman they meet in 6 months!!! What’s up with that?

We basically came to the conclusion that the woman before is just an experiment. An experiment to see if he is truly ready to settle down. This is where he may enter a long-term relationship with a woman that he doesn’t necessarily feel is “the one” but she can provide him with what we call “the experience”. The married life experience… you guys might even move in together but in most cases you will live apart, he will talk about the future, get your hopes up and expect that you do everything for him that a wife would. You will go to his house to cook, clean, do his laundry, help him with a variety of things, and service him on a regular basis. He will push boundaries to see what he can and cannot get away with and I don’t say this to say he isn’t a good guy. But most guys who spend most of their time in that playboy stage have difficulty transitioning into truly being a one woman man. Chances are he will still make a lot of mistakes and although he wants to do the right thing ultimately he will mess you over. This is not because he wants to be a bad guy but because even though he is truly ready to settle down he doesn’t know how to. So in the end you end up teaching him what is and is not o.k. in a committed relationship.

Eventually you are one,two, three, four years in and he doesn’t feel the need to take things to the next level with you because after all he is pretty much already getting everything that he needs without making that final religious and legally binding long-term commitment. By the time he finally gets it all figured out there will be so much resentment built up between the two of you from all the mistakes that were made, that the relationship ultimately fails.  But I guarantee you he will take all those lessons and get it right with the next one. And this is why my girls and I believe you tend to see guys get married so quickly after a failed long-term relationship.

This is just our opinion based on our experiences. Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly what stage a man is at in the “I am ready to settle down phase”? You could just skip over the ones who were just getting there and go straight to Mrs. Whatshisname in no time 🙂
Disclaimer: This post is not about anyone in particular but just opinions from a couple of women I’m sharing with you all in hopes you find it useful 🙂

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