Houston – Louisiana

Alteranate hurricane Harvey route.

Houston, TX – Louisiana/Louisiana – Houston, Tx

I keep hearing that there is no way to get from Texas to Louisiana right now due to hurricane Harvey. Yes, the waters are still high and many roads are closed but you can get to Louisiana via an alternate route with a minor increase in total miles.

Route US 90

US 90 (a well known alternate route) was inaccessible today due to a chemical plant explosion in Texas. So you may not get through. 

Google will get you around most but not all road closures. Remember they still do rely on user feedback to a point to keep the maps up-to-date and where humans are involved there’s room for error 😝

Houston, Tx – Livingston – Jasper – Louisiana

  1. I-10 East to US 59/69N
  2. US 190 East to US 171 South
  3. US 171 South to I-10 East

Drive time: approx 4.5 hours 

(it took me longer because I let a State Trooper tell me a “better” route and ran into flood water 🙄…see video).

*Another tip…in google maps put in “Houston, Tx to Louisiana” – the directions are very similar to the ones I gave just pay attention to the map and you can uses your navigation to your exact location once you are out of the flood zones.


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